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Mingzhu Construction has played a leading role in the construction industry.

Source:Pearl Construction Group Release tim:2019-12-06

The Pearl Hotel, built by us in 1998, has played several leading roles in the industry today. First of all, it was rated as one of the top ten representative buildings in Yongkang City at the beginning of this century; it took two months to complete the quality inspection after the completion of the project. The Pearl Construction was interspersed during the construction process. The technical difficulty also reached the advanced level of Yongkang City. In addition to technical and structural leadership, Pearl Hotel has led the industry in Yongkang for 18 years in terms of quality. The conference room without pillars, the golden roof in the lobby, the lights, the revolving restaurant extending to the outside, and the installation of the air-conditioning all reflected their excellence, which made our Pearl Hotel later receive a quasi-five-star rating. Even today, we still deeply feel that we have done very well in maintenance. To sum up in one sentence, the Pearl Hotel project is a high-quality project with good quality, low cost, high cost performance and long-term leading role in the market.

Former Chairman of the Pearl Group Jia Taoming